Take latex as normal as possible and put a beautiful model in it. See it as fashion outfit and create an astonishing look with the model. And don’t forget to use matching accessories.

Combine latex as the second element to an elegance and creative fashion outfit and make it the icing on the cake. Combine other materials of the known fetish scene to generate an edgier look.

With the massive use of latex Heavy Rubber is special to every model. Without the erotic part that is normally shown, it’s a challenge to create stunning photographs. It’s contemporary art.





“latexperiment” is a word combined out of two single words “latex” and “experiment”. The photos and videos show off a different kind of content than a fetish. It’s a kind of an art form and much more fashion like.

latexperiment needs a special look which comes with the models who work for it. Models who never have worn latex before and those who are professionals from the fetish scene expressing differently.

latexperiment is a pay website which becomes also more and more a magazine with content about events and fairs and also about things happening in the fetish scene but with a focus on latex fashion.